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François DELAROZIERE, a few dates

1963 François Delarozière was born on the 25th May.
1983 Marseille School of Art and Architecture
1988 National Diploma of Superior Studies in Plastic Art, School of Art (Marseille/Luminy)
1991 Start of his collaboration with the company Royal de Luxe. Conception of machines and assistance to the scenography of different shows (The Real History of France, Cargo 92, The Giant, Peplos, The Giraffe Hunters, Return from Africa, The Visit of the Sultan of India on his elephant to travel in time etc.)
1992 Creation and construction of merry-go rounds (The Beautiful Merry-go round, Andrea’s Merry-go round, The Catimini Merry-go round).
1999 Creation of the Association: La Machine.
2002 Intervention in training courses which specialized in scenography and street art.
2003 Première of the Mechanic Symphony, a musical creation co-written by François Delarozière and Dominique Malan. The touring exhibition of the Great Repertoire : show machines originally from Street Art companies creations.
2005 Opening of the Machines on the Ile de Nantes to the public, in the context of the rehabilitation of the historic naval site, creation and construction of monumental structured sculptures: the elephant, the sea merry-go round, the heron tree.
Renovation of the Channel in collaboration with the architect Patrick Bouchain, national stage of Calais (62). Conception and construction of a gazebo, the façade of a tavern, the balcony, of the marquise etc.
2007 Hus Gallery produced François Delarozière’s Mechanic Bestiary works in their own edition of lithographs
2008 Performing Machines shown in Liverpool in September.