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François DELAROZIERE - Notes about the artist

Whosoever ventures as far as the Ile de Nantes will see these astonishing creatures made of iron, of wood, of mechanical parts; gigantic creature machines that would seem to stop time as they spring one by one out of the great forge of mythology.


Over the years, François Delarozière has set into motion a mechanic bestiary which has the curious quality of building bridges between generations and through time...  We no longer know if we are entering or leaving the industrial era. We no longer know if childhood is in front or behind us.


This remarkable spectacle starts with the draftsman who executes detailed lines of what the machine will later explore.  François Delarozière designs the visions of the machines, creating blueprints as he goes.  The machine becomes possible from the moment it is drawn; the drawing charges it with its conviction.  From here starts the process of editing the work of François Delarozière into lithographs so that his architectural hybrids may become known throughout.


We present to you here, for the first time, the choice of seven lithographs corresponding to the artist’s mechanical bestiary.  With the exception of the dragon, all the machines have been realised….Each time these drawings have been reworked with coffee, in sight of this edition.


With this first collection, the Hus editions establish an accompaniment to the work of Francois Delarozière.  This is the beginning of what we hope will be a long series.


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