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BRAQUE Georges
"What exists between the apple and its plate must also be painted"
Georges BRAQUE - Detailed biography

George Braque was born in Argenteuil in 1882. At 18 he went to Paris where one of his father’s friends employed him as an apprentice painter-decorator and he met Marie Laurencin and Francis Picabia. His graphic work started in 1907-1908 with Cubist etchings. (Published by Maeght). A strong friendship between Braque and Picasso led to a close collaboration (1909-1912). The two men researched and influenced each other mutually. Braque started studying still-life, which, from then onwards became an important element in his works. It was an era of Analytical Cubism, a period when Braque started to use figures. George Braque advanced towards a less aggressive Cubism after First World War, more colourful moving more towards the respect of the object it represented. Georges Braque died in Paris in 1963.  même temps, il effectue de nombreux voyages d'études en Espagne, Allemagne