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Erwin BECHTOLD - Detailed biography

Bechtold’s work is characterised by constant balance or imbalance. What prevails is always the moment of disturbance that breaks the equilibrium between opposites. After taking on board the principles of the Informalist movement in the 1950s, Bechtold introduced geometrical elements into his work in the 1960s. His creative development eventually led him to create pictorial compositions in which he gives expression to the tension between the hardness of Constructivism and the freedom of the Informalist school. Bechtold, a painter interested in exploring material art and form, has developed in a balanced way. Rather than following trends, he always maintains his own personal style. Angles, lines, surfaces and plastic space are central to his prodigious output, and his work, presented now with characteristic elegance, demands an effort of the gaze, inviting viewers to reflect deeply on what is most essential.